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As the popular commercial advertisement goes, "great things start from small beginnings", so does the SAINT MARY'S ANGELS COLLEGE OF VALENZUELA (hereinafter referred to as the "SCHOOL"). The school was conceived by a family of educator who envisioned an educational institution that will provide the most affordable quality education to the people of Pampanga and neighboring localities.


The school's humble and memorable beginning started from a dream. Sometime in 1985, Mrs, Susan C. Ramos, the School Directress, dreamt about the Blessed Virgin Mary weeping about the sorrowful plight of impoverished and unschooled children. Mrs. Ramos recalled the audible voice of the Holy Mother saying “How fortunate you are, you have wealth and a comfortable life". The Directress did not realize what this dream meant until after her beloved mother, Mrs. Teofila Pineda Canlas, retired from the public school service. Mrs. Canlas, whose fondness for children did not end after her retirement, conferred with her daughters, majority of whom are educators, on the idea of putting up a Pre-school in their hometown in Sto. Tomas, Pampanga, Thus, in 1990, Mrs, Ramos, with the full support of her husband, Engr. Damian R. Ramos, started a Preparatory School in their ancestral home garage and called it Joshua Learning Center. The elder Canlas and her daughters served as teachers.


The unexpected happened in 1993. The school was forced to close-shop' after the Mount Pinatubo eruption when pyroclastic materials and torrents of mudflows (lahar) swept and devastated Central Luzon, including Sto. Tomas, Pampanga. The lahar devastation, however, could neither extinguish the zeal nor dim the vision of the Ramos Family of putting up a school of their own in response to the Directress dream


In 1995, Engr. DamianRamos and Mrs. Susan Ramos decided to open a Pre-school at Fortune Village 7, in the heart of Valenzuela City. The first school was christened "SAINT MARY'S ANGELS SCHOOL OF VALENZUELA" or "SMASV”, a non-stock, non-profit educational Institution nestled in the heart of Fortune Village 7, a private and an ideally safe and clean subdivision in Valenzuela City.


In 1996, Grades I & II were offered at SMASV to follow through the training that began in the Preparatory levels.


Because of the growing population of the school and increasing demands of the parents, the Ramos Family organized a family corporation in 1997 to formalize its existence. The Board of Trustees and officers of the corporation are as follows: Engr. Damian R. Ramos Chairman Susan C. Ramos President & Directress Ma. Sheila Ramos-Dayrit Treasurer & Administrator Ma. Sharon Ramos-Peñaflorida Corporate Secretary Rodrigo C. Ramos Trustee


The school hurdled another milestone in 1999 with the construction of a 5 storey edifice with fully air-conditioned and well-furnished classrooms, a first class science laboratory complete with modern apparatus and gadgets, a computer room equipped with latest models and manned by highly-trained technicians, and a spacious Multi-purpose hall designed to accommodate special and school-related functions. As part of the school's expansion plan, this same year gave birth to Grade IV level.

S.Y. 1999-2000

At the onset of the school year 1999-2000, Maria Sheila R. Dayrit, who assumed her new role as School Administrator, initiated changes and formulated school policies designed to enhance faculty development, upgrade academic programs, redirect goals and objectives of SMASV, train students for competitions, and faster employer-employee relations, to name a few.

Among the innovations spearheaded by the administration was the opening of the Grade V, the Toddler's Class of kids 1 ½ year old to 2 ½ years of age, the Computer class for all levels, and the inclusion of an optional Chinese instruction for Pre-school level.

S.Y. 2000-2001

School year 2000-2001 began with a renewal of vision, vigor and dynamism. The school added Grade VI, First Year and Second year levels to its growing academic community. The year 2002 ushered the beginning of an additional site for a bigger and expanding community. The Ramos Family found a bigger location for the new building, known as the "Main Grade School Building". Said building is housed in a 4,000 square meter area, more or less, also situated inside Fortune Village 7, Valenzuela City. The inclusion of additional amenities is as follows:

A separate 2-storey Home Economics Building Complete with kitchen, a living room, and two bedrooms
The Holy Family Chapel, with Saint Joseph, Mama Mary & Jesus, being its patrons, honoring the Holy Family, which can accommodate more than 100 persons is a venue for the school's regular First Friday Mass Celebration, other Eucharistic Celebration, the daily Rosary Crusade and the First Holy Communion.

The Maria Susana Gym is a multi-purpose gym with one full basketball court, a digital scoring board, bleachers that can accommodate more than 1,000 guests, and a stage with dressing room for the varied programs of the school.

To Date...

The Saint Mary's Angels College of Valenzuela offers the following:



As pride of the school, the primary, Intermediate, and secondary levels were all given formal RECOGNITION by the Department of Education.

The Saint Mary's Angels School of Valenzuela and the Saint Mary's Angels College of Pampanga take pride for being one of the premier schools in Valenzuela and Pampanga, respectively, in terms of first-class facilities, highly trained and competent faculty and staff, clean and safe environment comparable to other elite schools in the metropolis and in the region.

Finally, as part of the efforts of the Ramos Family to reach out to other sectors of society, the school intends to open technical-vocational courses in the Valenzuela Campus as well.

Indeed, SAINT MARY'S ANGELS EDUCATION is a living journey for the students, parents and/or guardians, faculty and staff, and proprietors, and continues to make history in its development in all aspects and in attaining its goal towards excellence.

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